Creating “New Content”

Creating “new content” as the YouTube kids call it is way harder than I ever thought it would be. Way harder. To come up with a new topic, of at least 500 words, every day? I can’t do it. I really thought I could – my brain comes up with ideas all the time. But they tend to be witty one-liners, and so slightly useless for expanding into blog posts.

What tends to happen, is that I tend to wake up in the middle of the night, with a genius blog post idea, and then immediately fall back to sleep, ensuring the germ of the idea takes root, but in an partially saved state. Last night’s joy, for example, was me waking up at 4.30am, thinking “Kid’s toys are an excellent blog post!” and then falling back to sleep. I can’t remember WHY I thought that, what I was planning to write about, or indeed why Lucy’s Brain felt it necessary to wake me at 4am for that brilliant, apropos nothing, insight.

Actually, I think I remember now. Something about jealousy. Being a grown-up. Hmm….

Sorry, I’m back, had to make a few notes.

Anyway, after several days of this early morning waking, coming up with idea then falling back asleep routine, (which gets old fast, believe me), I’ve decided to make A Plan for my next month’s worth of posts. (Because I have now been doing this for a month….!) I’ve a few options I’m toying with – maybe a series on my dating disasters (they are few, but they are epic….although at least one is violently humiliating. I can probably laugh about it now.) Maybe a bit of social commentary – there is definitely a blog post about my world view coming up, but it’s going to be massive (so maybe a two parter?!)

The point is, I want to be in the business of entertaining you, Gentle Readers, and so I would greatly appreciate your input in this planning process. I would be extremely grateful if yo would please do me a favour, and head over to this handy form so I can find out what I’m doing right and what you want to see less of. There’s only two questions, it’s really easy.

Thank you!!! 

P.S. I categorised all my posts last night, so if you’re not sure what the options mean, you can check out the categories below in the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page (keep scrolling down, you’ll find it), and see which ones please you most.

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