I Have A Plan….Kind Of

Oh, Gentle Readers. I have again been absent from your screens, and this time, I don’t even have a good excuse like Little Octopus getting married.

This time it was literal laziness, and a little bit of forward planning time.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, today’s post is me saying I am pleased to share with you the new plan for Loops & Flicks! Kind of. It’s a work in progress, OK? But this is what I am thinking of doing on my blog for the coming months: theme days!

No, don’t click away in disgust, come and sit down and listen to me properly.

Now, first things first, you may have noticed a bit of a makeover here. That’s normal, it’s supposed to have happened. Also, I’ve turned off mobile theme for my blog, so if you’re viewing on a phone or tablet, you should now be able to see all the pictures etc. that I want to share.

Secondly, allow me to introduce to you the days of the week.

Monday becomes Made-Up Monday! Mondays are going to be the day where I regularly share some poems or fiction writing that I’ve done. Basically, anything I’ve made up. anything I’ve created, Monday is where it will appear.

Tuesday becomes Two Cents TuesdayTuesday will be an observation day. A day of opinions and reflection. A day, if you will, of growth (yet probably also a mind-boggling amount of sarcasm and bitching).

We then hit Humpday, or as it will now be known: Well I Never Wednesday! I’m going to start learning things. And then sharing them with you on a Wednesday, because learning is good for your brain, and your mind, and your head. And your soul. But mostly your brain. But this might also be reviews and stuff, because that’s learning too.

Thursday is already known as Throwback Thursday – if you’ve been anywhere near the internet in the last ten years, you’ll know this to be true, so it seems pointless to mess with a tried and tested formula. This will be historical anecdotes (I’ve got a doozy of a one lined up for this Thursday), updates on things I’ve previously blogged about and so on.

And finally, we come to my favourite day of the week: Feminist Friday. Speaks for itself, right? We’re going to end the week with a dose of equality, because why not? I say YES to feminism, and so should you.

Anyway, that’s it for today: I’m leaving you with some pictures of the wedding decorations I made for the wedding the other week, and am off to bathe my sunburned skin in cold water. (It’s a good job no day of the week starts with ‘A’, because there is no way I could ever come up with source material for a day known as Adulting Successfully Day. Friday was very nearly Failure Friday…but I wanted to be positive and pretend like I won’t be having weekly disasters….)

Anyway, look at the pretty!

Pinwheel 1

Pinwheel designed by L.O., created by L&F

Pinwheel 2

Reversed pinwheel: still designed by L.O. but turned up to 11 by L&F

Pinwheel 3

Completed wedding favours!


Buttonholes and corsages for the bridal party….flowers chosen by L.O., designs by Loops & Flicks (who was inordinately proud of herself, because she’s never made flowers before).

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