Two Cents Tuesday: Sunburn

Sunburn is really, really, really, really itchy.

That’s it, that’s this week’s observation. SUNBURN IS ITCHY.

I’d like to have written something profound for the first TCT post. But I can’t. Because I can’t think beyond the fact that my sunburn is so itchy. And I am trying really, really hard not to scratch it, in the hopes that my skin won’t peel off me in massive strips the way wallpaper is steamed off a wall.

Oh my GOD, sunburn is itchy.

I just went to a friend’s house on Saturday, for a lovely BBQ, and I mostly sat in the shade, but I still got burned and why the hell didn’t I take the SPF50 suncream he offered me?! OMG. I’ll be right back.

*intermission music*

OK, aloe vera gel applied.

This happens to me every year. Every. Single. Year. The sun catches me off guard. And I’m left – lobster-pink and itchy – covered in sunburn. And I’m usually prepared for the sun to come out. I buy my SPF50 back in March (when it’s still snowing) and stock up on tan-maintaining after-sun. I buy expensive moisturiser for my face that includes a sky-high SPF to protect my skin from suddenly looking old due to sun damage (not that this is likely, I’m still rocking whatever the late twenties version of teenage acne is.) And yet, without fail, sunburn. I don’t understand why or how it happens.

OK, this year, I totally understand. I looked between the blazing sun and the proffered suncream and thought “I’ll be fine!” and I wasn’t, and that makes this current sunburn most definitely my fault.

But I’m still slightly miffed about it, and I’ll tell you for why. I was under the impression that your skin produced melanin in response to UV light – and this was a gradual process, in which the melanin slowly builds up over time following exposure to the sunlight. Increasing your protection every day? Hence, tanning taking a few days, and not being a miraculous instant process, like colour change magic?

And I’ve been walking around in the sunshine lately. In short sleeves. With no suncream on. Allowing my skin to see actual daylight.

So where has my melanin gone? HEY? WHERE HAS IT GONE? WHY HAVEN’T I MADE ANY MELANIN?!

Oh, no melanin for Loops. Oh no. She gets SUNBURN. Hahahahaha. Not.

Seriously, I’m so confused. AND ITCHY, OH MY GOD.

OK, I’m sorry, I have to go. Sunburn won’t itch itself. Wait. What? What I meant was, this sunburn won’t apply its own aloe vera gel and then leave itself alone to heal….

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