Well I Never! Wednesday: The Cupboard OPENS

After yesterday’s post, I had planned to enlighten you all with some helpful information about tanning. I looked up an article on PubMed entitled “Mechanisms of melanogenesis”. I even understood it. I had figured out why I don’t tan, and why I burn so easily.

It’s pretty simple – it’s because cells do make melanin, but there are two types of melanin production. There’s the immediate pigmentation type, where your skin contains more naturally occurring melanin anyway, and this reacts with the UVB rays to darken within a few minutes of you being in the sunshine. This means the melanin immediately begins refracting the sun’s rays, and thus the protection from sunburn starts immediately. This is seen in people with darker skin, because they have higher levels of melanin in their cells anyway (it’s what gives skin its colour).

My skin does not have any colour. I am pale. Pale and lacking in skin pigment. So I don’t have any melanin in my cells to immediately begin darkening when exposed to sunlight.

I have to rely on delayed pigmentation, which takes a good few days to kick in following sun exposure, and lasts longer. But in the meantime, there’s a much higher chance of sunburn because the protection won’t kick in until the melanin is made.

Ha! Science!

Anyway, I WAS going to tell you all that, but a far more important topic has presented itself to me. You see, for months, I have lived in my flat, and assumed that the space under my sink was inaccessible. I mean, look at it.

closed cupboard

There’s no handle, there’s no clue that the blue bit moves….it looks, to all intents and purposes, like a sealed up cabinet…which I assumed it was.

Assumptions, Gentle Readers, make asses out of you AND me.

Because today, whilst having my new washing machine delivered, the delivery man/plumber reached his hand to the cupboard and opened the fricking door.

I opened my mouth to say “That doesn’t open!” and  luckily, before I could utter a syllable, the door opened. I dodged a real bullet there – I’d have looked like an idiot.

So yeah, my door doesn’t open. EXCEPT IT DOES.

open cupboard

Look at all that cupboard real-estate I was missing! I’ve got additional cupboard space!

I’ve lived in this flat for five months, and it has never occurred to me to try the cupboard door. The reason for this is perhaps most obviously: no handle. But then my mother came to look after me not long after I’d moved in, when I had a wisdom tooth out, and she actually said, “But it doesn’t open”, so I presumed she was telling the truth and never questioned her. Turns out, she never tested it, she just went “No handle, mustn’t open!”

There are so many lessons to say “Well, I Never!” to today. Quick summary:

  1. I read and understood scientific papers about melanogenesis.
  2. I’m ALWAYS gonna burn first, and I’ll probably never tan successfully.
  3. I have a secret kitchen cupboard!
  4. Never trust your mother. She might make assumptions….and that is dangerous.

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