Sunburn Part 2

I’m not even joking, this is getting ridiculous.

Following my epic burn ten days ago, my skin is now peeling off me in festoons. Despite careful moisturising, despite the post-burn application of sun cream…the skin is peeling.

I look patchy. Like…I don’t even know what like. All I know is that my upper arms have got strange white demarcations where the skin (super-thin, little bit crunchy) is peeling away.

And, Gentle Readers, I can’t stop picking it.

Oh my GOD, I can’t stop peeling my own skin off. I hate myself, at the same time as getting a weird thrill. Today, I was in a meeting that was so boring, I picked at my peeling sunburn for an hour. I mean, I did listen, but the person leading the discussion kept using that business-speak that makes me want to set people on fire, and the edges of my peel were just so…inviting.

Also, I believe I may have previously mentioned the itching? It’s sometimes now much much worse, now the skin is peeling. I’m scratching, but I can’t decide if I’m scratching because I’m genuinely itching, or because I’m hoping an edge will pop up so I can peel some more!

I’m a sick sick puppy.

Now do excuse me. I have some skin to undermoisturise…

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