International Readers

One of my favourite things about this blog, apart from entertaining you all with my stories of failed adulting, is the Stats page.

This page shows me who’s reading my blog posts: how many people clicked a link, how many visitors there have been in comparison to views, and, my most favourite thing of all, which countries people are apparently sitting in when they’re reading my blog.

I read the list and go, “But I don’t KNOW ANYONE in St Kitts’ and Nevis!” and then I open Facebook and find that my friend is out in the beautiful Caribbean on a cruise (and then I have to be sick with envy). Or, “this person from Brazil keeps reading my posts. How strange.” and then get told my godmother’s daughter-in-law is Brazilian and reads my blog (Hi, by the way. Get in touch, lady!)

Currently, I am rocking a majestic all-time high of 63 views on my post The Corridor Gremlins but that’s because lovely Chohn drew me some actual corridor gremlins for the post, and I made you all go look at it again. (Incidentally, that post was read by some of my colleagues – whom I like – and they, until the day I left The Old Job, would only appear in my office doorway with a piece of paper in their hands doing the bob/weave dance. Even if they didn’t want to ask a question and I wasn’t broadcasting a “Fuck off” signal. It amused me.)

Anyway, I must continue to write enthusiastic posts throughout the week, so I can attract more readers and eventually break that triple-figure barrier. C’mon 100 views! I can do it!

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