Tonight, I attended a quiz at my local pub with my friends, Bob’n’Weave and King Chilli Pepper, and their neighbour, Sir Encylopedia of Musical Knowledge.

As weekday evenings out for me are very rare, such an event has to promise two things: trivia questions and winning. Quizzes guarantee the first, but rarely the second. Nevertheless, I enjoy the attempt at trying for the double Gold.

Tonight, Gentle Readers, we stand victorious. Burn All Maps (our team) came in FIRST PLACE, with a rocking 68 points! We took down ‘General Knowledge’, ‘Geography’, ‘Film Noir’, ‘US of A’ and ‘Music’ with a couple of swift one-two punches, and a final round of mystery flags got a roundhouse kick to the face.

I learned a new word, “vexillology” – the study of the history, symbolism and usage of flags. Someone who carries out vexillology is a vexillologist, and I can confirm I am most definitely not a vexillophile (someone who loves flags).

Also, a big smoochy kiss to BabyBro, whose love for film and sport led me to the following knock-out answers tonight: South Sudan, Double Indemnity, The Third Man, Chinatown and Sunset Boulevard. South Sudan won me super high-fives all round, as the answer to the question what was the most recent country to be internationally recognised and acknowledged as a country?, following a referendum in the state in early 2011.

I got an extra hard high five off Bob’n’Weave, for guessing that the capital city 2000km directly south of Oslo was Rome, but lost street cred for Lisbon as being 900km west of Rome (it’s Barcelona). In my defence, the only thing I remember of Geography at school was how to make a volcano out of paper mache, bicarb and vinegar. So I did fairly well considering.

Sir Encyclopedia got us nearly full marks on the music round, naming not only the artist and title after just ten seconds of play, but also giving the years the songs were released! It was bloody impressive.

In short, Burn All Maps aquitted ourselves magnificently, and we are jolly proud of the prize money we took home. Well done, gang!

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