It would only happen to me…

This post *was* going to be a carefully constructed post about Brexit, and my thoughts on it, and where I thought we might go from here. But then I read at the beginning of the week that Vote Leave didn’t actually have a plan for post-referendum action, and since at least one of them can use Google, I thought they might find my post, and take inspiration from it. And whilst I should be influencing many, many things, the future of this country/foreign policy is not one of them.

So if, by the end of the weekend, someone’s come up with a plan for Leaving (or for Not Leaving, or for Picking Our Shit Up After The European Union Kicks Us Out With Only The Clothes We’re Standing Up In and Then Refuses To Take Our Calls Until The Legal People Get Involved – this is a nasty break-up, right?), then I’ll share my thoughts.

In the meantime, I thought, “What can I do to entertain my Gentle Readers? I know! I’ll have another Adulting Fail.”

So, long story short, my shower curtain has been growing a mould on it. It’s sort of pink, and smells damp. Anyway, I have tried bleach. I’ve tried boil washes, the mould keeps coming back. I can only conclude it was the plastic it was made from causing the mould to come back with such enthusiasm. So, today, after work, I hied me to the supermarket and bought a new shower curtain. It was a bargain with 25% off. My momma didn’t raise no fool, as the saying goes.

Anyway, I thought it was a beautiful flower pattern: tropical pink flowers, bit of greenery, lovely.

No. No it is not. It is a pattern of posing ladies.

COULD be tropical flowers…
…but no. This tart is watching me wash.

My initial thought was “Oh, God.”

Then I looked at it a bit longer, and decided I loved it. But still, now every time I shower, there will be ladies posing enticingly and looking on as I soap my rude bits. And worse than that, if I have guests, THEY’LL be watched by the posing ladies whilst they soap their rude bits. AND WORSE THAN THAT, every time one of my guests has read this post when they come to stay….they’ll think about this whilst they’re showering.



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