Things that have cheered me this week

I think it’s fair to say that 2016 has been…challenging. Wading through the filth of this year has left me feeling grubby, and more than a little depressed.

So this week I set myself a challenge: find things that make me cheerful. Things that made me smile, or laugh, or generally made the day a little less bleak.


  1. Yesterday, the sky was a brilliant blue when I went to buy lunch. 
  2. This joke: why don’t milkmen wear flip flops? Because they lactose.
  3. Walking past an office and seeing the three occupants in paroxysms of laughter. Tears rolling down their faces. No idea what was so funny, but I enjoyed their mirth!
  4. My friend Archer sent me the most beautiful Harris tweed scarf. It is absolutely gorgeous!
  5. Tonight, Ma and Pa are taking me out for dinner and then to a concert.
  6. I had dinner with the Voldys on Wednesday, and loved every minute. Lord Voldy is a splendid cook, and we had homemade naan and tandoori chicken. Gold star for that man
  7. I met an eye surgeon who thinks he might be able to do something about my eyes and their bulgy-ness from thyroid eye disease.

Not such a bad week after all….!

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