New Year’s Resolutions (again)

So. 2019 is here. I don’t know about you, but so far, nobody has died, I’ve not screwed up anything at work and the weather’s been pretty pleasant. Hurrah! Winning this year already.

But Gentle Readers, it is a new year. And as is traditional in the first month of the calendar year, thoughts once again turn to abstention and restraint.

This is not a time of year I enjoy. It goes against my very nature to deny myself things. I am impulsive and irresponsible. But post-Christmas financial straits and trying to be My Very Best Self have – ahem – inspired me to try something new (again).

My resolution for 2019 is to Try New Things. I don’t know why that gets capital letters, it just feels like it should. SO ANYWAY.

Trying New Things feels like someone in their early thirties (gulp.) might do. It feels like something I would NEVER do, so it feels like something I SHOULD do. (I don’t particularly think it makes much sense to me, either. I may still be drunk from Christmas.) Try one new thing out for a month at a time, and see what happens. It’s like experimenting on myself or something.

Anyway, January’s challenge is Veganuary, an opportunity to try something new when it comes to the food I eat.

I’ll explain a little more about my reasons for trying it out in my next post, but for now, I thought I’d get a post up (hello, loyal and returning folk, you are patient and glorious and I want you to know I love you), and tell you how my first day had gone (had to finish up the chocolate and eat a last roast chicken before I began in earnest, in case I love this and the vegan option sticks).

The day started well with overnight oats. It turns out that vanilla coconut yoghurt is quite tasty, and maple syrup hides a multitude of sins. Delicious and vegan – double win!

Then I got to lunch and, having not prepared any lunch to bring with me, off I popped to the student shop for a nice vegan sandwich. This will be easy! I thought, because I knew that the student shop sold some vegan options. My vegan friend Tiny Firecracker* had told me they did a GREAT range!

The selection of vegan sandwiches, wraps and salads was impressive, I won’t lie. A noodle salad caught my eye, so I picked it up, checked the ingredients and put it back. Disappointingly, the delicious salad contained tofu, which I, poor girl, can’t eat. (Soya products interact with some medication I’m on and prevent me from absorbing the medication correctly. Since that medication is all that stands between me and lying prostrate on the floor praying for death, I ain’t risking it.)

Never mind! There are many other delicious looking options! I reassured myself and picked up the first wrap. ‘Contains tofu’.

The second. ‘Contains tofu’.

The third. ‘Contains [@%!#ing] tofu.’ [Addition my own there…]

Everything contained tofu. Everything contained soya products.

My ‘easy vegan’ dreams shattered around me. I stared in sad despair at the tainted selection before me….and I picked up a chicken salad sandwich from the next chiller over.

Fuck it. I’ll start again tomorrow.



*not her real name, obvs. But long-time readers will know how much I love an accurate pseudonym for the featured artists on my blog.

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