Bringing new meaning to the phrase “business-casual”

I love my job.

Well. OK. Caveat: I theoretically love my job 100% of the time, but in practice, I threaten to quit at least once a month for reasons.

In lots of ways, this enforced working from home has helped me get clarity on what it is about my job that I don’t like, and what it is about my job that I do like. It turns out, I like almost everything about my job. Apart from the bit where I have to get out of bed in the morning and turn sleep-fresh Loops into business-ready Loops.

The mental gymnastics involved in convincing my brain to pick out an outfit that matches, looks smart and fits is too much before 11am. I really wouldn’t mind if we had a uniform to wear. I’m not bothered about make-up, or fancy hairstyles, or – in the words of my mother’s generation – “making the most of myself”. If people are looking at my tits, they aren’t looking at my work, and that’s not OK.

Which is why it was such a surprise to me this morning to wake up and think, “I cannot go on another day. I must style my hair and put on make-up this morning. I must look PRETTY for the group chat.”

Worst of all, Gentle Readers, I did it.

I chose a nice top, and I washed and styled my hair, and I blew the cobwebs off my make-up bag and I put some make-up on my face, and I didn’t look like Gene Simmons from KISS. Most importantly of all, I drew in my eyebrows, and I knew my darling departed Grandma would appreciate that.

And, Gentle Readers, I felt nice. I had a lovely video chat with my colleagues.

At the end, where there were only a few of us left, my friend commented on my ‘glamorous’ appearance.

Friend: You look really nice! Are you dressing up for work every day?!

Me: No. It’s just that this morning I work up with the impulse to put on make-up, so I did it.

Friend: I feel quite underdressed. [The others on the video call – two other friends, both woman I’ve worked with for some time now – made noises of agreement.]

Me: Don’t worry. [standing up so my thighs could be seen on camera] I’m still wearing my pyjama bottoms.

And it’s true, GRs. Despite the glamour of my top half, I’d put my fleecy PJ bottoms back on after glamming up the top. I realised about halfway through the video chat when I was getting a bit warm. Ah well. It’s all about the surface delivery, right?!

#staythefuckinside #covid19

Today’s Recommendations:

  1. Putting on lipstick. Alright, maybe not putting on lipstick, rather, just doing something a bit different. I had an impulse this morning and I followed it through. I felt better for it. My colleagues appreciated it. I stayed true to myself with my PJ bottoms. It was a win all round.
  2. COVID-19 Symptom Tracker App. This app is part of a research project in the UK, tracking the flow of COVID19 symptoms, trying to more accurately identify the spread of the virus and more accurately ascertain numbers of infected people. The app works on iPhone and Android operating systems. All you do is log in, give it some data (name, age, height, weight, preexisting health condition) and then you log in every day and let it know whether or not you feel OK or feel unwell.
  3. I spent last night knitting and watching old episodes of BBC’s Sherlock. Some parts of that show are questionable, but it was very funny and I had forgotten how easily you can get sucked into one of the stupid, convoluted storylines. 7/10 would recommend to family and friends. AM recommending to family and friends.

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