Friday? Fri-yay! Week 1

Well, folks, here we are on Friday at the end of Week 1 of proper, actually-haven’t-left-the-house, self-isolation. I’ve been doing “extreme social distancing” for about two weeks now – since Thursday 12th, when my bosses discussed and agreed on cancelling large parts of our huge international meeting that was planned for last week.

Apart from Monday 16th, when I went to work only to be told it was Work From Home Time, I’ve left the house for maybe two hours in total? I popped up the road to grab a loaf of bread, and I popped to the post to send my mother her Mother’s Day Gift. And today, I went to Tesco to pick up my Click and Collect shopping.

As a person with health problems, I appreciated this option a LOT. Even if it did come in a thousand plastic bags and I had to stand near another human to sign the piece of paper. I’ve been Clicking & Collecting for months now anyway, ever since my pain got too bad to do a full supermarket circuit without crying (seriously, a grown woman in the alcohol aisle weeping is a. not that unusual and b. not great for the ol’ Self-Esteem). I was V Worried that it would stop in this time of germy misery.

So, anyway, week 1. What have I learned?

Number one: Routine. Routine. Routine.

I’ve woken up at the same time each morning and it’s helping with my orientation. I’m also seeing lots of sunshine early in the AM, because the sunshine is making me wake up so early. Not that I want the sunshine to go away. I don’t. I love it.

Number two: get. dressed.

I wrote yesterday about bringing new meaning to the phrase business-casual, and it’s true. No one could accuse my outfits this week of being both stylish AND matching, but I’ve just chosen my favourite items of clothing to put on and feel nice in. Who cares if spots don’t go with stripes! I feel AMAZING! I’m planning a ballgown for the Directors Meeting on Monday.

Number three: Mealtimes

Eating meals is very important, but only in as much as…it’s not. I don’t eat three meals a day when I’m at home. There’s sort of a breakfasty thing about 9am, and then an early dinner, with a small snack at about 3pm if I can’t wait till 6pm. I like a two meal plan. It works for me. I’m much less hungry this week than normal – maybe it’s anxiety, maybe it’s less movement – but I’m not eating the usual three meals a day that I usually do. I decided on day 3 not to worry about it, and just to ensure that I was eating fruit and veg where possible and keeping snackage to a minimum.

I have eaten yoghurt and fruit every day this week, and if that isn’t a sign that we’re in the apocalypse, I just don’t know what is. FRUIT. YOGHURT. ME. It’s disgusting.

Number four: Separate Church and State

OK, that’s not quite…I don’t mean to bring about revolution. What I mean is, I literally sit somewhere else if I’m doing a fun thing than if I’m doing a worky thing. My brain likes the division. The sofa is for knitting and TV, the desk chair is for working.

These were all tips I got from some homeworking blogs and it turns out they do know what they’re talking about (annoyingly). It turns out also, I really love structure. Who knew? I suspect it might be linked to my deep seated need for control….but that’s one for the therapist, not the blog.

Anyway, GOALS for next week!

First goal is to get the cycling/yoga routine down. I’m doing well, but I need to get into the rhythm a bit more.

I’m also going to finish my Work From Home Poncho (in house colours!) so that I can move onto my first Harry Potter Knitting Project!!

And I’m also going to bake a cake. Because Cake Is Good, even if I have become a FruitEater during this time.

Coronavirus has a lot to answer for.

#staythefuckinside #covid19

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