The Ballad of COVID-19

In this time of viral plague, we all must stay inside and shelter

From the current global threat that’s really quite a belter.

Someone coughed and felt quite warm,

Now deadly symptoms are the norm.

It’s quite an inconvenience, I can tell ya.


But here we are on day eight of homebound quarantine;

I’m surviving on a mix of biscuits and baked beans.

Can’t get my body to the shops,

Can’t get my body to the docs,

To go outside I am not keen…


We’re all on bloody lockdown and it’s to keep us safe.

I’m dressing like an overweight, abandoned homeless waif.

I’m wearing PJs and a blouse,

Not dressing like I’ll leave the house

Till I’m in my Corona grave.


Oh stay inside where it is warm and do not fear,

It won’t be long until the magic vaccine is here

And then we’ll all be immunised

And death will fall and health will rise!

We’ll look back at this time next year

[spoken: and how we’ll laugh]


And when the next pandemic comes along,

We won’t be scared, we’ll be prepared to sing this viral song


All I can say is from today, at home please stay

I’m asking you to just come through and go away

Not to the beach, not to the park

And don’t go out running after dark

Just stay at home, self-isolate, we’ll be out by May!

2 thoughts on “The Ballad of COVID-19

    1. Anyone with a modicum of musical talent is welcome to have a go, provided I’m credited!!! Alas my own efforts are hampered by not owning a musical instrument.


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