Oops. Words with Friends.

During this time of international lockdown, I have rediscovered a joy for Words with Friends (the app and also video calls, but here I am talking about the app).

I am, however, constantly exasperated by the way the app makes up words which it allows you to play, despite the fact that they would never pass muster in a proper game of Scrabble.

For example, two games ago, my opponent Buick Parameters played “SOZ” for 36 points, and the game accepted it. This despite the fact that ‘soz’ is clearly not a proper word, but an abbreviated slang term for ‘sorry’. The game itself also would not allow me to play ‘IRAQI’ (clearly a word) but would allow me to play ‘YA’ – defining it as a possessive pronoun!

The inaccuracy is infuriating. And worst of all, when Buick Parameters beat me by 12 points, the game got confused and declared that I had won! Ridiculous.

I did, however, smash the shit out of our fourth game, when ‘JIVE’ scored me 111 points. I got the J on a triple letter score and the E on a triple word score and I romped home well over 100 points in the lead.

That felt good.

#staythefuckinside #covid19

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