Today my boss fell off a bridge

Don’t worry. We were in a group chat on Zoom.

But basically, we were talking about how we could change the background in Zoom and those of us in the meeting started demonstrating. Via the Northern Lights, via a tropical island, even via space, we all appeared to be dialling in from a range of exotic locales. (I managed to use a photo of the office to make it look like I was in the office and was scolded for failing to embrace the concept – but realistically, the least likely place for me to be right now is in the office. I might end up on a desert island…)

My boss dials into these meetings on his mobile phone, and has recently progressed to dialling in using the camera on his phone. (This is very exciting, because he is brilliant in many ways but technology often defeats him.)

Anyway, today technology was his plaything rather than his nemesis, and, impressed by our efforts, he managed to change his background to an image of the Golden Gate Bridge, which meant it looked like he was sitting on the edge of the bridge for the last few minutes of the meeting.

When the time came to go, he moved the phone to end the meeting and appeared to move straight off the bridge into the water below.

Other enjoyable backgrounds today included my manager sitting in front of the BBC Breaking News screen, my employees going to space and a tropical island and at least four members of staff going to the Northern Lights.

Things are definitely funnier when you’ve been stuck inside for two weeks.

#staythefuckinside #covid19

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