Friday? Fri-yay! Week 2

We made it!

Another week of coronavirus lockdown completed – tick, VG, gold star, as my teachers would say.

It’s been a bit tougher this week: I’ve not had much to recommend to you all, and I’ve found it harder to find things funny when they have occurred. But I’m still here, and I’m still blogging, and, Gentle Readers, Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum.

Good Things This Week:

  1. I smashed my to-do list. Like, I planned my days, and I got through my jobs and I’m ready for next week. YES.
  2. It’s pretty good that I still *have* a to-do list. My job carries on, even though my employer has shut down in almost every meaningful way. THAT is a blessing.
  3. It’s bloody good that I still have a JOB. Not everyone is so fortunate. And I’ll still have a job at the end of this.
  4. There was also a particularly lovely gesture from Senior Management this week, when they recognised the awfulness of this situation and gave us two extra holiday days at Easter. A compassionate gesture and one that reflects the kindness with which they have approached this upheaval and difficult time. I am rarely grateful to work for The Man, but this week, I have been very grateful.
  5. Finished my Work From Home poncho and posted a picture on my Instagram. Got told by my friend that it made me Isolda from The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, which means I can now die happy because Isolda is the most delightful character.
  6. Watched One Man, Two Guv’nors again last night on the YouTube, and it was hilarious as the first time I saw it. I really did laugh a lot.
  7. I bought 2,000 yards of maroon wool to make YoungerBro a proper Mrs Weasley Jumper. He is excited. I’m excited. There’s a project on the go!

Bad Things This Week:

  1. I bought 2,000 yards of maroon wool to make YoungerBro a proper Mrs Weasley Jumper. And now I have to do it, and *gulp* there’s a massive project on the go.*
  2. Realised that, even though my team are in contact every day, it might be September before we’re back in the office properly and the sudden magnitude of this flattened me for a couple of days.
  3. The number of people who have died from coronavirus in the UK has reached 3,605. There are now 163 cases confirmed in my region – which is not surprising considering how busy it was last weekend. The total number of cases had sat at 46 for a good few days, and then people went outside and didn’t social distance and now the numbers are rising.

So, as a final bit of joy this week, I leave you with Mitch Benn singing about how we, here in Britain, can overcome this terrible pandemic:

Have a good weekend! –L&F xxx

*For my birthday at the beginning of March, when the world was only just beginning to realise the terribleness of COVID19, YoungerBro bought me a book called Harry Potter Knitting Magic, in which there is a pattern for a Proper Mrs Weasley Jumper (with the letter and everything on the front). As YoungerBro is an ICU nurse, currently working in London, looking after sick patients, I felt the least I could do was make him a jumper for when he comes out the other side of this pandemic.

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