Pink gin in a tin.

I decided to start drinking again this weekend.

It’s not like I have anywhere to be, and the only thing that is going to make this bearable are “little treats” getting me through the days and weeks and months and years.

Plus, Tesco had an offer on pink gin and tonic in a tin, and let’s face it. Who doesn’t love a can of premixed booze?

Unfortunately, that’s all the drink options I bought this weekend, so I only have a choice of water, tea or gin to hydrate me.

I say ‘unfortunately’. There are worse positions to be stuck in. I could, for example, only have water and tea. That would be miserable.

I gave up drinking because it doesn’t mix that well with my medication, but since we’re all going to be dead of coronavirus shortly, who cares?! (And actually, pink gin in a tin is a pretty low alcohol percent…disappointingly low.)

I’m not alone in this – a friend of mine has taken to medicinal red wine consumption, and the Boy and Girl Housemates are making inroads inmotorways into Boy Housemate’s stash of craft gin.

All I’m saying is, I’m not alone in turning to booze to get through this, and pink gin is DELICIOUS.

#staythefuckinside #covid19

Joy for the Day:

This week, I’m spreading happiness, and I’m starting with this. One of my favourite things that Victoria Wood did. The Ballad of Barry and Freda.

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