Family group chats.

“Hello? Hello?” 

“Hi Dad.” 

“Alright, everyone?” 

“Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?” 

“Yes, Dad, we can hear you.” 

“Ah, good.” 

“What did they say?” 

“They said they can hear us.” 

“Oh good. Can you turn it up a bit?” 

“Have you got your hearing aid in?” 

“Um…. no.” 

“Go and put your hearing aid in. How are you two, alright?” 

“Yeah, fine.” 

“I’m good, thanks, Dad!” 

“Where’s BabyBro?” 

“He’s getting his own computer sorted out. He’ll be here in a minute.” 

“How’s everyone feeling? Any coughing? Temperatures?” 

“No, we’re all fine. Your grandfather is too.” 


“I’ve got my hearing aid in now!” 

“Good.” “Good.” “Good.” 

“So how have you both been?” 

“Yeah, good thanks, just working. I saved another life this morning. A baby. Eighteen months old. She’s going to make it now because of me.” 

“Well that’s wonderful! And what about you, Loops?” 

“I wrote some emails.” 

“Well, that’s…nice. Any babies…?” 


“Oh-kay then.” 


“Oh, hello BabyBro.” 


“What have you been up to?” 


“Don’t be unkind to your son! He’s keeping my spirits up.” 

“Holding up the gin, are you?” 

“What have you been up to, YoungerBro?” 

“Saving lives.” 

“Of course you have.” 

“So, anyway…” 

What have you been up to then, Dad?” 

“Oh, this and that!” 

“Finished Mum’s kitchen yet?” 

“Er…nope. I’m thinking about going to play some golf…” 


“Right then.” 

“BabyBro is sending me private messages on Zoom.” 

“What’s he doing? I’ll have to…hold on….now he’s sending them to me! YoungerBro does NOT look like he’s from the Darkest Timeline! Wait, he does a bit. Will you STOP IT, YoungerBro!” 


“What now, Dad?” 

“He’s sending messages to me too.” 

“Oh for fu….” 

“Loops, next time, can this just be us?” 


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