Today is all about feet

Today is Maundy Thursday, the sun is shining, and there is a VERY angry baby crying in my neighbour’s house.

I mean, he’s properly outraged. The wail is a proper, indignant, how-very-dare-you scream that cuts right to the quick, and I won’t lie – I’m a bit jealous he’s small enough to express himself like that.

I’m having a moment where I’d like to lie down on the floor, have a wail and let my feelings out. But I ‘can’t’ because I am an ‘adult’. Boo.

I can’t even blame the kid right now, because I too feel frustrated and stroppy and it’s hot but not really and I’m a bit sticky and uncomfortable and grumpy. And frankly, Gentle Readers, if I didn’t have a blog to write and some work to finish, and an Easter Sunday lunch to shop for this evening, I too would probably just be wailing.

Poor sod.

This lockdown has made me acutely aware of how many of the houses around mine contain small people. It’s not safe to go out during daylight hours, because there will be a small Petri dish of viral plague wandering around holding their mummy or daddy’s hand and enjoying their single government mandated walk of the day. One of them has an electric Jeep, in which he can sit and drive himself around on his walk.

It’s cool, but the battery makes a very high-pitched whining noise.

Another kid has a sister she likes to punch, which definitely makes the sister scream when it happens. Another kid bloody HATES THE WALK, and whines about it as he walks around the estate. His mother usually issues a sharp retort, so that’s two angry voices in my window.

There is also a set of siblings in the house behind mine, who are three rambunctious boys, and their games are variations on fighty-fighty-punchy-punchy and ganging-up-on-the-other-one, which has a soundtrack of laughter, protesting voices and tears.

What I’m saying is: lockdown is loud.

Also, Maundy Thursday is called Maundy because it’s the day that traditionally churches would re-enact the ritual of washing the feet of the disciplines during the Last Supper, which is what this post was GOING to be about, but kids screamed and I got distracted.

I’m taking a break over Easter, to rest and recover, and I encourage you all, Gentle Readers, to do the same. Enjoy the sunshine, stay safe, and stay at home.

#staythefuckinside #covid19

Joy of the Day:

This is just 38 seconds of amazing toddler outrage, inline with today’s theme.

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