Ever wondered about the title of this blog?

Yeah, me too. Loops & Flicks came out of an idea about writing – the swirls and scratches of my handwriting, translated to the digital page instead.

In real life, my nickname is also Loops, so it’s always felt quite a personal title – even though ‘Flicks’ felt like a cliched pairing to my own nickname, rather than something meaningful.

It never made a whole lot of sense, and because I was pretty anonymous in the first few posts, it even took a few people from my ‘real life’ to make the connection. But over the years, it’s come to mean a lot to me. My blog matters to me, no matter how sporadically I write it. (I’ve been tapping away here for five years now – it’s the anniversary on Tuesday – I’d better think of something special.)

From my first post here (a nightmare about getting married) to yesterday’s reflection on shopping in the time of coronavirus, I’ve documented my life in small, insignificant posts and bigger, more meaningful ones. This blog has been about me, a topic, Gentle Readers, which seems to bring some joy to your lives.

And I love it. I love writing, and I love knowing that what I’ve written has moved people or made people laugh or challenged people.

Laughter and emotional responses will always be the theme of this blog, and I’m not going to stop. Certainly not whilst in lockdown, certainly not whilst I’m working from home and can knock out 300 words in my lunch break.


I’ve made a decision, Gentle Readers, and I don’t know how you’re going to feel about it.

Before I tell you, no, wait, don’t skip ahead, before I tell you, I just want to remind you that you’re here of your own free will, you love this blog as much as I do, and – Gentle Readers – I think you trust me.

So I hope you’ll all agree that my decision to host a second writer here is a good one.

I am very pleased to announce that, from tomorrow (Saturday), Loops & Flicks will be featuring a weekly film column!

My own BabyBro (a writer in his own right) will be bringing you his thoughts on films, fans and dare I say even a bit of feminism (if he knows what’s good for him) on a Saturday for your delectation. He will be laying out his thoughts for your reading pleasure, with the intention of making you laugh and have emotional responses.

He’ll be writing as ‘Flicks’ – since films are also sometimes known as flicks, it felt very much like the right thing to do when we discussed it. I very much enjoy his sense of humour, and I think you will too. Now Loops & Flicks can live up to its whole title.

Don’t worry, my Monday to Friday posts are staying put – I just want to bring you a bit more joy and thinky thought stimulation in case you fancy it.

If you don’t, just stay away from the blog on a Saturday!

Lots of love,
Loops xx

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