Oh, where is my creative writing spirit?

Apologies, Gentle Readers, I had an unscheduled break last week – my housemates got a puppy and it threw off my equilibrium.

The puppy is very cute, and he’s not eaten anything vitally important yet, but a new baby in the house does upset one’s balance rather a lot. I hope to be more settled this week.

In addition, I’ve not particularly felt like I have much to say recently – lockdown has continued, the advice has been maddeningly confusing, and I still can’t go and hug my mother, from whom I have now been separated for seventy-four days but who’s counting?

I have also been trying to occupy myself with Projects (more on that tomorrow) to keep myself focused and to stop my brain from having much to think about in the gaps between internally screaming.

I did have a sweet moment of affection for my phone this morning, when my sleep monitoring app (I use SleepCycle – #notsponsored) suggested that as I’d slept so badly for the last week, perhaps I might consider a midday nap, to help recover my equilibrium, as it would, honestly, be OK for me to do that. When even inanimate technology worries about your wellbeing, you know you aren’t doing that well.

Anyway, I’ve run out of ideas to write about at the moment, so you’ll get some right old bollocks this week. To try and compensate, I’m going to try and find something things that will also make you laugh and/or be immensely cheered.

Today’s offering is this video from Sandy Batchelor on Twitter: due to COVID-19, rental agencies are having a slight problem with viewings, reletting properties etc. Mr Batchelor’s letting agent asked him to make the video for the flat he’s being forced out of.

It went well for them. Enjoy 🙂

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