Fibro fingers

It’s arrived.

The time of the year when it starts to warm up and my fingers go into…THE CLAW.

It was the first symptom I experienced last year, which made me think something wasn’t right – my hands, in the warm weather, seize up and get very stiff. Last year, I carried a bottle of water around town on a day out, and had to run my hand (still holding the bottle) under the cold tap to get my fingers to unclench.


It’s a common symptom of an inflammatory condition, so I spent the winter of 2019 being tested, prodded and scanned, before The Nice Doctor proclaimed me inflammatory-condition-free and delivered the news that I had fibromyalgia.

Fun times.

Anyway, now the warm weather is back, and as much as I love sitting in the garden for ten minutes at a time (so I don’t burn to a crisp), it does make my fingys sore and stiff.

I’ve spent today running along to my bathroom every hour to run my fingers under the cold tap until the itchy burning pain recedes (and I had to take two hours of minutes in a very boring meeting) so right now? I am very grumpy. And itchy. And sad.

So I bought myself some compression gloves, which are supposed to help with soreness in your hands, and I shall treat myself to ten minutes on Copenhagen, my exercise bike (it’s not a treat, but if I lie to myself enough, eventually I’ll believe it) and later on, I’ll go and use my claw-like hands to continue embroidering a letter onto YoungerBro’s Weasley jumper.

I may be down, but I am by NO MEANS OUT. #resilience

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