Friday? Fri-yay!

I’m always happy when I get to a Friday. I don’t know why – maybe because it’s the end of my working week, maybe because years of hating school have me conditioned – even as an adult – to down tools on a Friday at 4.30pm and head out for the weekend.

Today has been particularly lovely – although I’ve been at work (at my desk at home), I did stop for afternoon tea with friends and the afternoon tea came from an independent and local business. I also had a therapeutic appointment this morning with an independent practitioner, so today has been a day where I have been able to support people who don’t have sure sources of income, in some small way, by using the services they are providing and which I require.

I’m pretty effing grateful right now.

I’ve also had a adulty time renewing some insurance today – I managed to get a policy with exactly the same coverage with a new provider at over £100 cheaper than my renewal quote! BARGAIN!

More importantly, I’ve started embroidering the letter onto the front of YoungerBro’s Weasley Jumper, and it’s so satisfying, I can’t tell you. I’ve also, this week, put my degree to good use and done some proofreading for a friend, and that was also immensely satisfying.

In other words, this has been a Good Week.

I hope you too have had a Good Week, and if you haven’t, if you’ve had a Bad Week, that you can find something next week that will cheer you right up.

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