Friday? Fri-yeah whatever.

When I remember, I try to make Fridays my ‘gratitude’ posts. The things that have happened that, despite a global pandemic and our life upheaval, have brought me joy and made it pleasant to be around this week.

But this week doesn’t feel very much like a positive post is appropriate.

It seems wrong to find joy in stupid little things when people are dying for no reason other than the stupidity and selfishness that characterises the human race.

I also have felt out of my depth this week – despite all my education, I feel very much like a beginner when it comes to understanding what structural racism is and how we can dismantle it. I’m aware of my white privilege, but I’m not sure I’m using it to help people, and that’s not where I want to be. My work offered me an opportunity this year to do a course in cultural competence and I applied eagerly, but it’s been postponed due to to the Rona. It was due to start on Monday, so instead, I’m doing my own cultural competence course.

So my ‘yays’ this week are mostly to do with downloading a book from Reni Eddo-Lodge and an audiobook from Afua Hirsch to start broadening my understanding.. My friend Lord Voldemort (he’s actually the nicest person I’ve ever met, this is his nickname because his name sounds like Lord Voldemort’s) gave me a book for my birthday called How to Be Right in A World Gone Wrong, and so that’s getting added to the list. I’ve added a couple more books to my “reading list” for when I’ve got through these three. (And I’m taking recommendations, if people have good suggestions.) I’ve also signed up for this course on FutureLearn – it’s free to attend and learn the content, although there’s a fee if you want the certificate.

My Fri-yays this week, in the face of a world that increasingly recognises its own need for change and is getting gloriously louder about the need, are all that I’m doing the work to help that change in the best way I know how.

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