Friday? Fri-yay!

The most exciting news of this week is that the incidents of new coronavirus cases in the UK has been falling, steadily, for the last two weeks.

This is brilliant news, as, despite everyone’s worst fears, it does look like the lockdown worked and the social distancing slowed infection rates. Hurray for lying on the sofa to save lives!!

In other news, I have become the Pee-Pee Summoner, as every time the housemates’ puppy sees me, he pees on the floor in excitement.

I do not clean it up. That is his mother’s job.

Henry (the pup) is into that awkward puppy stage where he’s a bit ungainly and occasionally trips over his own feet. Toes are no less tasty than they were when he was tiny, but his teeth are sharper now, so there’s more risk of blood being drawn! Nevertheless, if you have ever been greeted by a dog who is pleased to see you, you will know there is NO ego boost more effective than a dog tippity-tapping on the floor with their paws in joy at the sight of you.

I also managed to be reunited this week with my beloved Indy, my friend’s dog, who greeted me with the waggiest tail, showed me all of her toys and sat on my feet before letting out a sigh of contentment. I missed you too, Indy-pie.

I saw Indy, because I finally managed to see my best friends again, nipping round whilst house-hunting (see below) for a LONG overdue catch-up. It was oddly emotional to see them again, but worth it.

In other, slightly less lovely news, I do now have to move house. Longtime Gentle Readers may have been exposed to my relocation dramatics before – in short, it’s always terrible and I am often a bloody drama queen about it.

I’m pretty lucky, though this time, in that I’ve got a good few months to sort myself out and when I do move, BabyBro is moving back in with me.

Again. longtime Gentle Readers may question the wisdom of this. But again. I say. I’m pretty lucky that my Bros and I are such good friends in addition to being siblings. and BabyBro is a gem. He’s also a really excellent cook, so I am excited to not have to feed myself every single day. He is also hilarious company, and we have great plans for scriptwriting, podcast producing and general blogging to take off.

Despite the fact that we’ve barely got any furniture between us (he lost his in the breakup, I gave mine away when I ‘downsized’ due to debt), I’ve also managed to secure us a sofabed already. so whilst we’re currently drawing straws over who gets the one double mattress we’ve got between us, we’ve already got somewhere for YoungerBro to stay. #priorities.

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