Whoops…I lost track of time.

Hello Gentle Readers.

Apologies for the long silence and lack of posting. I have been moving house, contributing to bid-writing at work and dealing with some personal stuff. In all of that, the ability to post just slipped off my radar.

But I woke up this morning and I thought, “Better get back on it, Loops,” so here I am, taking to my keyboard to observe the world and tell you some more stories about what’s been going on in the land of Loops & Flicks.

Firstly, there is a designated Land of Loops & Flicks now! Flicks/Baby Bro and I moved into a house together at the beginning of September and we have neither fallen out nor killed each other yet. It is going quite well.

I mean, I leave teabags in the sink which annoys him, and he never finishes the washing up which annoys me, but ultimately, these are small things that are easily forgiven. And we are bumbling along nicely, meal planning and TV watching together in happy harmony.

Long may it last.

Secondly, I’ve joined a Swedish sustainability cult. Actually, to be a little more accurate, I have ascended to the next level of the IKEA family cult. (God I love IKEA. That was the best thing about moving – we got to buy furniture from IKEA. It was the best thing I’ve done in a long time.)

But IKEA, it turns out, has a programme called Live LAGOM, which is all about working on reducing environmental impact, learning to live sustainably and in a healthier way. You had to apply to do this, and since I am a Big Fan of IKEA and sustainable living, I put in an application. And I got in!

I had my induction on Thursday, and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the programme. I’ll be sharing pictures over on my Instagram (@lucyliveslagom) and blogging about it here on Loops & Flicks. I’m not trying to be a influencer, guys, I’m just a natural leader.

Thirdly, I have become green-fingered during my absence, and have managed not only to bring my plant Cornelius back from the brink of death (OK, it was my fault he was dying in the first place, not the point, OK?) but also managed to propagate these three beauties from another dying succulent which belongs to a colleague and which I rescued at the start of lockdown.

three potted cacti

These spiky green survivors are Sasha, Sophia and Sarah (the Succulent Sisters, of course), and I have kept them alive. Perhaps I am a nurturer after all.

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