Friday? Fri-yay!

Well, it’s been a week. A long, tiring, difficult week, that has culminated in my taking a mental health day from work, because. So…Fri-yay!!!

I mean, I love my Dream Team, and I love my actual job, but there are some real buggers I interact with, and I ran out of patience on Tuesday afternoon (I know.). Rather than risk putting TTR in the position of having to tell me off for being unprofessional and/or having to help me hide a body, I sacked off work today and went for lunch with a friend instead.

It was a good choice, because I had a ham and mustard baguette, which I have been craving for weeks, and an oat hot chocolate, and I feel immeasurably better for addressing the craving and the socialising.

The cleaners also came today (another splendid decision I’ve made) and so my house is once again beautiful and clean.

I also joined a Swedish sustainability cult this week, which I shall tell you more about next week – suffice to say, I am really excited to start this journey!!

Finally, my three recommendations for joy this week are:

  1. The Duchess on Netflix: Katherine Ryan’s debut series is absolutely superb. Yes she’s funny, and her relationship with her daughter is some Seriously Great Parenting. But it’s her interactions with Rory Keenan, playing her ex Shep Knight that really creased me up, and Shep’s fiance Cheryl (played by Doon Mackichan, who is a bloody legend and might very well be the funniest actress on British TV) steals the show with her “tooth whitening gel” and kind heart.
  2. TASKMASTER IS BACK! Channel 4 this time, not Dave, and socially distanced to keep everyone safe. BabyBro and I watched it on Thursday and howled with laughter. Daisy May Cooper, Johnny Vegas, Katherine Parkinson, Mawaan Rizwan and Richard Herring all were hysterically funny and I am genuinely afraid that Daisy May Cooper will wet herself or go into labour during the shows because she’s laughing so hard. I’m fairly new to the work of Mawaan Rizwan and very much enjoyed showing BabyBro his Mango Song during the breaks, but I think I am already rooting for him to win.
  3. Talking of mangoes…the Great British Bake Off is back, and if you’re not watching it, honestly, how are you maintaining happiness during the RoRo? Tuesday nights are full of lovely lovely baking, cakes and Noel Fielding being hilarious, and Prue Leith being a baking queen. Seriously, why are you bothering with anything else? Cakes and humour. Go watch it.

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