Swedish Sustainability Cults – Part 1

Back in September, I got an email from IKEA. It was inviting me to apply for their Live LAGOM (pronounced ‘lar-goh-mm’) project – a sustainability initiative designed, through workshops and working together, to help people find their way to a more sustainable life.

I read through the information and thought, “Well that sounds fun!” and I wrote out my application and sent it off.

I had three reasons for applying:

  1. I love IKEA, and the programme looked really good. You can actually read a bit about it here where it tells you how people have changed their habits as a result of participating. I moved to a new house a couple of months ago, and the recycling rules are different here than for my old house – where I previously lived, the council didn’t collect glass or food waste for recycling. Just by adding these two things into my life, we’ve gone from emptying the bin every three to four days as the rubbish spilled over the top, to emptying the bin once a week whether it needs it or not.
  2. All of that rubbish generated was just plastic or cellophane packaging. Eek. It must be possible to reduce that as well.
  3. I want to build a tiny house in the next five years, and the more I learn, the better my final design will be. About house building and design, yes, but also about living sustainably, living in harmony with the land (and yes, I just typed that non-ironically and with genuine sentiment) and in a way that reduces my impact on the world.

So there I was, thinking, “Well, I’ll never get onto the programme…” when….*ping!* an email appears in my inbox, congratulating me on being in the programme!!

Inspired by the stories (and by successfully reviving a selection of plants during lockdown), I decided I wanted to make my Lagom journey about food sustainability and waste reduction.

I am slightly terrified that, at the end of the Withdrawal Agreement in January, the ability of the UK to acquire fresh food will dramatically drop away, and we’ll be left stabbing each other with homemade shivs in Sainsbury’s for the last mouldy cauliflower. So the first thing I knew I wanted to do was to look at growing some home produce so my household wouldn’t get malnutrition in 2021.

I also knew that we were going to have to start food prepping and taking lunches – not least of all because BabyBro already does and we’re fast running out of my manky old tupperware each time we prep and save leftovers. I also wanted to have some suitable containers for the zero waste store, so I could go and buy pasta, rice, lentils etc. without that plasticky packaging. So I knew the second thing I was going to be interested in was food storage, food preparation and zero waste.

So, I placed my order with IKEA, and some time this week, my items will be delivered. I’ve ordered some grow light bulbs, some storage jars and a super-cute green apron, because I not only want to LIVE like a magic witch in the forest, saving the planet and growing my own herbs, I want to LOOK like a funky old lady whilst doing it. #goals.

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