Swedish Sustainability Cults – Part 2

Thrilled to be starting on my Lagom journey, I drafted my list of items and sent them off to my Lagom Leaders.

They have now approved my list (yay!) and I’ll be able to pick it up some time this week, so I thought I’d share with you all the fun things I decided to get (I hinted at them in my last post).

So…what did I choose and how did I decide?

In my last post, I said I had ordered some grow lightbulbs, some storage jars and a cute apron. All true. But there’s a bit more to it than that.

I opted for:

Cultivation Light Bulbs: I read a few blogs about ‘growing your own veg’ and the one thing they all recommended was having a grow light. An investigation into the grow lights showed that a lot of them were £60-70+ for a small lamp, and quite often gave out a weird purple colour which is great for plants, but looks strange in a human dwelling. And I was NOT, under any circumstances, going to build a growing pod in the garage with purple lights and reflective foil. I’m already “that” neighbour (no kids, just moved in, a wfh-er at present) and I didn’t want to add “pot grower” to my reputation.

Then I came across this helpful blog post which gave the VAXER light bulbs from IKEA a pretty good review, and suggested how to fit them into your living space. Much appreciated advice, and so I opted for two grow light bulbs from IKEA. I’ll have to go in and also buy the TERTIAL lamps that Lianne (the blog author) uses, but they’re not very expensive.

Taking Lunches To Work: BabyBro heads off to work every day with his lunch in a lunchbox, but as I mentioned, we’re fast running out of manky old tupperware to put leftovers in. So I ordered some IKEA 365+ storage containers, some square and some round. We’re both big fans of homemade soup as well, but that’s much harder to transport, so I opted for this nice vacuum flask to try, and if soup doesn’t end up in the footwell of BabyBro’s car, then I’ll get one for when I am back in the office too.

I also had a moment of absolute tragedy when I was moving: I dropped my Darth Vader KeepCup and the glass inside shattered into a billion pieces. My heart broke into about the same amount of pieces, because I loved it so much and used it all the time. I’ve settled, as a temporary replacement, for this insulated travel mug but my plan is still to replace Darth when I have a spare few pounds. I actually did start using a reusable cup a few years ago when the coffee outlets at my place of work started offering a 25p discount if you took in a reusable cup – I’ve been through several, but none I loved as much as my Vader cup. I have also been known to take a regular mug into a coffee shop, but only in a place where they already know me quite well (it doesn’t take long for me to befriend my suppliers baristas), as I have a slight fear of being that “caffeine weirdo”.

Going to the Refill Store: I’m starting(!) to get incredibly annoyed by the packaging on foodstuffs that can’t be recycled. It’s one of my motivations for growing my own veg at home – I just don’t want to keep taking plastic packaging off tomatoes if I can help it – and considering the rate at which BabyBro and I are currently getting through risotto rice and pasta, we really need to start either bulk-buying the dry goods, or getting them from the zero waste store. I personally favour the zero waste store approach, not least of all because I’ve always been inappropriately keen on places where you take your own container, fill it up yourself and pay for what you’ve taken – like pick your own fruit farms, or all-you-can-eat buffets.

There’s a great store not too far from Chateau de Loops, which has a good reputation and a wide range of goods. So I selected some suitable storage containers for taking down to the store and refilling with the requisite dried goods. I’m excited about it, to be honest. There is no possible way that this could go wrong…

Kitchen Goddess: The last selection of things I obtained were all designed to help make me into a kitchen goddess. I’m already pretty much a High Priestess of the kitchen, but I want to become omnipotent.

So I acquired some little bits and pieces, like bag clips and silicone food covers, that will subtly, but thoroughly, raise my kitchen game, a mixing bowl with a lid (genius) to keep the mixture in the bowl, and a washing up bowl, because rinsing is important, but so is saving water.

And finally, for me, because some things should just be freaking fun, I got this apron, which is so colourful and cheerful and cute, and this throw blanket, because Winter Is Coming and I Need To Snuggle. (Also it is about the right size to be draped around me like a glorious winter cape, as is befitting a GODDESS OF THE KITCHEN.)

I’ll be back at the end of the week to tell you about my upcycling projects – I’ve started by repainting an old standard lamp and an old bureau. I’ve also got news about my other planned projects – I’m sharing teasers over on my Instagram account, @lucyliveslagom, if you fancy giving me a follow.

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