Five months is just a short break

Gentle Readers, I write to you on this, my lunch break, to acknowledge that since I last posted a piece of new writing it has been many months. My last post, The Memory Caretaker, was a piece of fiction writing I did some years ago, and I am now able to publish it on my own blog.

But my last piece of original, new, ‘specially-for-the-blog piece of writing was a Part 1 in October 2020, and honestly, after that, I just gave up on everything. A third UK lockdown was…inevitable – Christmas was cancelled – parents and children were separated – it all became very…bleak, for want of a better word.

And, Gentle Readers – nothing funny happened. NOTHING FUNNY HAPPENED. I had nothing to share with you. I applied for a PhD – didn’t get it, but might do one anyway. Moved into a new rented property – couldn’t get a pet because rules. Got vaccinated – the new superpowers are useful. My fibromyalgia got worse – my mental health went screaming at speed off a massive cliff, to the point my Angry Scottish Auntie called me up and “suggested” I might like to have a “chat” with her (she’s a psychiatric nurse). Actually, A-S-A was right: my medications interact and it meant I was tearing through one of my mood-stabilising drugs at the speed of light. Hence the WILD SEE-SAW of emotions. Work (and my Dream Team) continued to be absolutely lovely, but I did not. (I am sorry to them. They are Good People.)

SO! Rather than risk Scottish wrath love, I hied me to the GP, got my prescriptions adjusted and now my brain feels vaguely like I might be able to cope with coming up with some anecdotes again for your amusement.

I also, this spring, found a community of women who are also chronically ill, and the reassurance of finding my people cannot be understated. We had a birthday party for the Glorious Leader, and it started at 4pm, finished at 9pm and we were all in bed by 10pm. It. Was. LOVELY. Due to the old ‘rona restrictions, we had to sit outside, so there were six of us, blankets on knees, cups of tea in hand, dolled up to the nines, petting cats and talking about Women’s Issues. It was bloody lovely.

AND THEN, the world improved a little further, and last week, I got to meet my god-niece. I’m not a terrific fan of babies, but she was teeny-tiny and dressed in a unicorn onesie, and frankly, she just really liked babbling at the adults at the table, and it amused me. My best friend got guinea pigs and…they are so squeaky and lovely. I started baking things again (I got a stand mixer for Christmas and OMG the possibilities are endless).

A few personal good things have made me want to try and write a bit more, so let’s see how this goes. Also, I’ve got some ~home~ projects I want to get sorted over the next few months, so…someone remind me in December, when I’ve written nothing that I promised you AT LEAST five posts.

Stay safe, wear a mask, don’t lick door handles.

Love, Loops x

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