Funtime Friday!

Well, what a week it’s been. I’m not even sure where to start with the whole mask/no-mask, UK government lifting restrictions thing, and I got very angry on Twitter earlier this week about some gammon-face threatening to take bloody pennies of welfare support away from people who need it, so I think it’s time I bring back Friday/Fri-yay, under a new name.

Say hello to FUNTIME FRIDAY where we check our GRATITUDE ATTITUDE (I used both of these phrases in a meeting a few weeks ago, to suggest something we might do at work to bring people happiness after the bloody pandemic, and TTR asked if I’d been possessed by an American marketing guru. In TTR’s defence, my suggesting we adopt a “Gratitude Attitude” and celebrate “Funtime Friday” was such a departure from my usual, pessimist, sarcastic, angry-with-all-you-dummies modus operandi that she was right to suspect possession or alien mind control. Alas, no such explanation is necessary: I’m just on some really good mood stabilisers now. But I have decided the Gratitude Attitude is my new magical ward to keep the sads at bay – let’s see how it works).

Firstly, and those stationery fans amongst you may indeed understand the pure pleasure this has brought me, I got some new pens!! I know, I know, sad AF, but I do love the four-coloured clicky pens, and they keep my notetaking interesting, and also I can colour code actions I have to do without putting down my pen and losing track of the actual action, so they are really useful. Anyway, whilst I was buying my bog-standard ordinary four-coloured clicky pen on Monday, I discovered that Bic now also do a four-coloured clicky pen with purple, green, turquoise and pink ink, AND a clicky pen with blue, red and black ink and a mechanical pencil. My pencil case is TRICKED OUT, y’all. And my to-do list is fresh and funky. (I can’t show you because it’s got that ~confidentiality~ thing going on, but trust me, it is FLY.)

I have also taken steps this week to get my brain properly assessed for neurodivergent properties. I think it is apparent from paragraph two that I have weird streaks to my personality, and the older I get, the more I realise, I’m not just quirky or eccentric. I mean, those words DEFINITELY APPLY. But since I also occasionally get emotional about pens, I think there’s probably something fundamentally different about my brain to everyone else’s. So I spoke to my GP and she was like, “Yep, let’s figure it out.” The waiting list is looooooooooong, so don’t hold your breath waiting for an update!

I’m not much of a football fan, but I have to confess to shedding a tear or two on Wednesday night when the final whistle blew in the semi-finals of the Euros. Not the most graceful of wins, according to some sports commentators, but even I could appreciate the beauty of the control, precision and patience of the players as they passed the ball between themselves to run out the clock. And I mostly spent the extra time sitting silently next to Flicks as moral support, whilst he agonised, sweated and howled over the game. The final whistle was a rather lovely moment, though. I hope that nice Mr Southgate went home feeling thoroughly bloody proud of himself as a leader (and perhaps just a little vindicated that he can, in fact, get a team to the finals of the Euros).

Flicks was so emotional on the night that he hugged me without pretending to punch me in the head, and then had to go and lie on the lawn outside because he was so hyped up at the end of the match.

We’ve all been there. Not necessarily over football, of course, but we’ve all had a day where it was a bit MUCH and the only way to resolve it was to have a little lie down on the grass.

I’m going to go and have my own little lie down now – this weekend, I’m celebrating a friend’s birthday by going to a farm and cuddling a baby pig. I will take photos for next week’s Funtime Friday.

Love, Loops x

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