Funtime Friday! (on a Saturday, because what even is time?)

First of all, I know, I know. I’m a day late. But I get to exercise my *gratitude attitude* in this very first paragraph by acknowledging this and acknowledging that you, my Gentle Readers, will be sympathetic.

My excuse is the familiar classic of the chronically ill person: I ran out of spoons. I had a very exciting weekend previously, and work was quite demanding this week, and so on both Thursday and Friday, I went to bed at an evening hour that was a single digit. (Thursday was in fact 6.45pm. I was so done with the day.) I don’t always sleep at that moment I go to bed, but there’s something about being able to cocoon under my duvet and watch terrible videos on my phone which is spoon-restoring. Or at least doesn’t require any spoon usage.

Anyway. Last weekend I went to a farm and I cuddled baby animals. It was my friend the Drama Empress’s 35th birthday, and what she wanted to do was to go to a farm and cuddle a miniature pig. So we did, because…who doesn’t love tiny fluffy things? Also, miniature pigs.

Luckily, after weeks of fairly miserable weather, we had a fairly glorious day to head out on. (The header image shows both the incredible majestic clouds that roiled overhead, but also the bright hot sunshine that coated the whole farm in sunshine. We started out by feeding some animals, and that was all very nice and benign until we go to the alpacas, and this chap, who full-on gobbed at the birthday girl. I’m not a good photographer but I actually managed to catch the moment in action:

Tommy the Alpaca

I like to believe he was attempting to give Drama Empress a birthday kiss.

Anyway, then we queued up to meet the cuddling animals, and my GOD it was good. I get to cuddle fluffy things on the regular, usually at Bestie’s house (her dog, her guinea pigs, her child), but there’s something about sitting on a straw bale, with a blanket on your knee, specifically waiting for a teenager to hand you a tiny fluffy duckling that’s just…excellent.

Long story short, my largely cold dead heart cracked open that afternoon with the tiny fluffs, and I had a lot of ~feelings~.

The next day, I saw Awesome Mother for the first time in several weeks, and we talked the hind leg off a donkey, ate cream tea and tried to buy Daddy Dearest rhubarb cordial in IKEA. They had sold out. We bought doughnuts and cinnamon buns instead. #tradeoff

Some sort of sports final took place on the Sunday evening, I think(!!). I watched alone in the end, since the tension became so great in Casa Loops’n’Flicks that Flicks went to watch it with Daddy Dearest, who apparently stopped speaking around the sixtieth minute. I got my updates on the first half through the BBC website, whilst doing something else, then couldn’t hold back and watched the second half of the match in a state of nervous tension. By the time we got to the extra time and the doomed penalties, I was “watching” from underneath a blanket with my fingers in my ears, like it was some sort of horror film. The subsequent racist bullshit certainly was straight out of a horror film, but the players themselves were incredible.

And then it was back to work! Definitely not for a rest – this week overfloweth with meetings. I did find time to follow COVID-safe precautions and get back into the office for a morning, though, which was absolutely fantastic. I really have missed being able to go into work. For all my certainty that staying home and locking down has been the right thing to do for virus control and to ease the burden on the NHS, and despite my own vulnerabilities (and of those around me) if I do catch COVID, the office feels very safe, with sensible systems in place, mask mandates, endless rivers of hand sanitizer flowing down the corridors, and stern warnings everywhere.

I’m not thrilled that social distancing will lift: I was hoping to maintain that for a good few more years, but I am so excited at the thought I might get to see my Dream Team in 3D again soon. I’ve one colleague who started a couple of months ago, who I’ve never met in person: I made her stand up the other day on a video call, just so I could find out if she had legs.

Next week is shaping up to be exciting as well: I’m going strawberry picking with Commander Sassypants tomorrow (all spoons being equal), and then we might have a go at cheat’s strawberry ice cream. (DEPLOY LACTASE!). I’m going to get back in the office again this week for another little visit. I also got a new office chair, because my home office chair BROKE. All the castors suddenly snapped off, and the chair just tipped over to the side. I fell slowly BUT GRACEFULLY onto the floor whilst muttering “Oh no!” like some sort of cartoon.

I shall leave you with a final image from this week that came up in a ‘memory’ in one of my myriad accounts. At a time when the NHS bill is passing through Parliament and the NHS is being sold off to the highest bidders (and where I am having to make an appointment with a specialist privately, because my local waiting list is FOUR YEARS LONG WTF), it’s important to remember the miracle that is the NHS.

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