Ten Years On

Today is the tenth anniversary of my thyroidectomy. It is ten years since I went under the knife to get the bastarding thyroid out of my neck and myself back to full health. Quick recap for those of you not around in 2011/12 If you know the story, click here to skip June/July 2011: horribly … Continue reading Ten Years On

Six excellent series that could’ve stopped after one season

I could make the argument that television is currently in a better state than film. With the BBC recently putting out some great series in the last 12 months including Bodyguard, Line of Duty and the adaption of A Christmas Carol, more and more acclaimed writers, directors and actors are choosing the small screen over … Continue reading Six excellent series that could’ve stopped after one season

Friday? Fri-yay!

Having promised you faithfully last week, Gentle Readers, that I was absolutely not going to stop posting, I have utterly failed this week. My excuse is that my head fell off (metaphorically) when my alarm clock failed on Tuesday morning, and I have been running around after myself like the proverbial chicken ever since. I … Continue reading Friday? Fri-yay!