Five months is just a short break

Gentle Readers, I write to you on this, my lunch break, to acknowledge that since I last posted a piece of new writing it has been many months. My last post, The Memory Caretaker, was a piece of fiction writing I did some years ago, and I am now able to publish it on my … Continue reading Five months is just a short break

The Memory Caretaker

Memory is a funny thing. You think that your memories are accurate, but the passage of time takes the edges off a memory, leaving only the soft and shining centre. You forget the sadness or the pain that might have led to that memory, forget the joy. You just…remember. Remember it your way, and that’s … Continue reading The Memory Caretaker

Swedish Sustainability Cults – Part 1

Back in September, I got an email from IKEA. It was inviting me to apply for their Live LAGOM (pronounced 'lar-goh-mm') project - a sustainability initiative designed, through workshops and working together, to help people find their way to a more sustainable life. I read through the information and thought, "Well that sounds fun!" and … Continue reading Swedish Sustainability Cults – Part 1

Friday? Fri-yay!

The most exciting news of this week is that the incidents of new coronavirus cases in the UK has been falling, steadily, for the last two weeks. This is brilliant news, as, despite everyone's worst fears, it does look like the lockdown worked and the social distancing slowed infection rates. Hurray for lying on the … Continue reading Friday? Fri-yay!